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Air Bag System - Diagnosis and Repair
Car and Truck Auto Repair will reset SRS Airbag Computer Modules. We can also fix the dashboard light, repair any accident damage and supply Crash Data. When any-one of your vehicle's airbags is deployed, the airbag control module (or the 591, diagnostic unit, airbag sensor, & airbag computer) will need to be replaced or reprogrammed.
Suspension and Frame - Lift and Replacement
Accurate alignment and suspension repair for your Colorado-Driven truck! Your truck needs to
be tough. Only trust a qualified Douglas County mechanic to insure your vehicle's safety. Christopher's Car and Truck Auto will inspect & repair anything your truck may need!
Electrical Wiring - Repair and Installation
Cars and trucks electrical components these days are not like they were just 20 years ago.
We have the tools and high-end equipment to service all car and truck computers.
Marine and Small Engine - Repair and Maintenance
Weather your play ground is Cherry Creek, Lone Tree or Highlands Ranch you need your water craft to work! Give us a call anytime to insure quality, fast, maintenance or repairs

The best and friendliest truck repair in Douglas County, Lone Tree, CO!
-Auto and Truck Emporium
Justin recruit's the best employees, supports their training, and insists on the best equipment driving a high quality but affordable auto repair, top notch service! Car and Truck Auto Repair of Douglas County Colorado is a business that stands out because of it's  ASE-certified staff and the quality reputation they've earned with customers over the years. They didn't even have a need for a website until just lately because they stay so busy on repeat business and referrals. Christopher's car and truck Automotive supports both residential and commercial auto-service clientele.

Call or email today to have your vehicle inspected or serviced by a quality driven Colorado Auto Repair group whom is passionate about their business and yours! If your in need of an insurance estimate, need diagnosis ran on your car or truck in the Park Meadows area, or if you even want to upgrade your vehicle in any way shape or form just let them know. The best team in the Littleton and Highlands Ranch and Lone Tree area's for all car or truck needs. Also if your on a budget that's okay, you might be surprised what you can afford with Christopher's Team
Truck lifting and off roading trucks and jeeps in Colorado is one of Car and Truck Auto Repairs passions. If you need a truck, van, SUV or Jeep modified or repaird in any way Christopher's Mobile Automotive repair are your guys! Extreamly experienced, fast and very affordable you have no reason not to call. More over Car and Truck Auto Repair will service any vehicle or small engine in Colorado area's like Littleton, Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch. Douglas County Colorado - Want to lift or modify your truck?  There is a reason Car and Truck Auto Repair is Colorado's best mobile auto mechanic.

Not just Truck's. Boats and Bikes too!
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